The word conjures up thoughts of guilt-ridden charitable donations and drawn-out workplace seminars.  We become aware of some disease or safety concern for a day / week / month, and then we forget about it until it is brought to light again the following year. 

The reason "awareness" gets such a bad rap is that throwing the word into most conversations implies that one was ignorant in the first place. Now I, and I'm sure many others, do not like to be called stupid.  And if you're ever called dumb, stupid, etc., you tend to fight that perception by reacting immediately.  I mean technically we should be "aware" of all these things all the time, right?

Enter guilt, stage left.


I'm Still Alive. And May Be Better Than Ever.

It's been a while.  I know.  Busy times.  Schedule changes, visits from family and friends, explorations, other random excuses, etc.  The break was nice.

I updated the About page today, due to a forum post that ended up being a soapbox speech of self-promotion.  I sometimes think I come off as a little arrogant in my writing, although it's more a reassurance thing for my own personal development rather than an "I'm better than you, look at how I live my life"... um... thing.  Oh well.  Maybe it would be more important if my writing was for money.  You'll never see ads or sponsors here though.

Updates will be less frequent, but when they do happen, I'm bringing the goods.  Quality instead of quantity is the new philosophy.  Writing became an obligation before I took a breather, and that's just not my style.  When inspiration hits, I'll milk it for all I can...

Because sharing... is caring.