And now... a haiku:

The search for freedom
cannot start without knowing
of imprisonment.

Myers-Briggs says I'm INFP.

I was coaxed by a friend yesterday into taking the Myers-Briggs.  She finds that this test is the best in determining personality, and though I think it is a little too general for my tastes (leading to error), I can't argue with how correct it can be when taken properly.  I have taken this test a few times before, with varying results.  My time in California has been very introspective however, and figured I would be able to give fair, honest-to-me answers to the questions posed in this test.

It turns out I am an INFP, which a few sites have labeled as The Idealist.  Here's a brief description from PersonalityPage.com:


Watch Documentaries for Free! (Link Love)

I'm kind of a learning junkie.  So when I came across this gem today, I went nuts.  The site has quite a collection of documentaries available for free.  I won't say that all of these films are completely unbiased, but some of the perspectives are quite interesting.


Ah... Upgrading.

I could probably tell you all the cool features of the new iPhone 4 if you asked me.  It's not because I own one... A friend and new owner of this magical wonderbox proceeded to let me know how amazing it was.  Multiple times.  For the first 4 hours of his acquisition, he basically read me the specification sheet.  He also has it decked out with a guard protector, a ridiculous amount of memory he'll never use, and a battery that could probably power a third world country for a couple of days.

If you told me about all of that when I was 10 years younger, I would have gone nuts with envy.  I can see myself in early teen fashion saying "Sweet!" or "How cool!" and the like.  But now, I'm unimpressed.  The cost of the phone, insurance, and getting tied up in a 2 year contract would take a heavy chunk out of my budget.  I can't wrap my head around carrying that thing, knowing how much money it's pulling away from me every month.


Are We Truly Independent?

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Independence Day weekend.  I spent some time thinking about what we were celebrating.  This day is remembered for the tipping point of the formation of America, where we declared our separation from the bounds of Great Britain's rule.

Are we truly independent though?  Yes, we are protected from tyranny, and we've been given many rights and freedoms.  But many of us aren't free.  We're bound by our jobs... our responsibilities... our own vices.

Be mindful of what things hold you back from becoming who you are.  Then you might start to understand what it takes to be free.